Go M.A.D. Fitness Express

Go M.A.D. Fitness Express

Here at Go M.A.D. Fitness we are not like your everyday gym. We are a health club that really cares about its members and wants everyone to succeed. Whether you have kids, are a couple looking to work out together, or you are a senior citizen, we have a great fun workout program to fit your needs!

Below are some of the many great reviews we have had from people in many different walks of life.

There isn't a thing I don't love about Go M.A.D.! Clean, new equipment, awesome back room for special classes, CrossFit certified trainer, clean locker room and sauna, and amazing staff! I have never felt more welcome and wanted! If you haven't tried this place yet, what are you waiting for?!       -Jacqueline

Love my gym! My YOGA with Sara V., Trekking, and M.A.D. FIT, M.A.D. Body Sculpt, with Wendi Stock Sauer…Most importantly I NEVER feel intimidated when I'm there…everyone is at their own pace, does their own thing, but super friendly!!! Try it…bikini season is around the corner!!!!     -Shannon

Very clean gym with really low monthly rates. You can pay by the month and for a better deal you can commit to a year! Locally owned and operated by a great husband and wife team. It is also NEVER closed.      -Craig

I have had a membership since Go MAD was Powerhouse across the street. I must say, its like walking into a brand new gym. The facilities are taken care of and cleaned. You couldn't ask for a better staff.      -Chris

This is a must gym to join great atmosphere and treat you like family if you want results GO MAD at Go M.A.D. Fitness gym!!!      -Denzel

Great place to go. Everyone please help this place be # 1 in Monroe.      -Chastity

Clean, bright facilities. Friendly staff. No matter how bad your day, a workout here will make ya feel better! Trainers are great, knowledgable, and truly care about your success. Madfit class is the best!      -Jenny